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  Coast Cultural Alliance   a non-profit arts culture & heritage society on the Sunshine Coast BC Canada
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collapse  1-Gibsons and Area
  1  Klaywerk Studio
Contact: Liz de Beer
Phone: 604.886.5814
Address: 1472 Davidson Rd, Langdale
Description: Discover a fusion of Africa and the West Coast in the functional and artistic creations of clay artist Liz de Beer. Sculptural works as well as functional pottery for sale.
  2  Andrea Pratt
Phone: 778.997.1411
Website: Andrea Pratt
Address: 1509 Langdale Road, Gibsons
Description: Original paintings and drawings (and notecards) based on Andrea's contemporary vision of British Columbia, its land and its creatures.
  3  Scott Poppinga
Phone: 604.741.7830
Website: samples of Scott's work here
Address: 1512 Tideview Road, Langdale
Description: Born in Eugene Oregon 1954. Love of nature, color, form and the joy of working with my hands has led me into sculpting. I enjoy the process from the beginning of an idea to the completion of a piece. Sharing the completed pieces with others has its reward.
  5  Melanie Fogell
Phone: 604.886.9699
Website: Acrylic painting on canvas
Address: 1104 Twin Isles Drive
Description: I paint with acrylic and sometimes mixed media on canvas. Work is nonrepresentational with ideas based on photographs of landscapes and musical elements of rhythm & movement.I have shown my work in galleries in Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver since 1988. Please call ahead.
  6  Jack Olive Ceramic Studio
Contact: Jack Olive
Phone: 604.886.2351 hm 604.816.1110 studio
Address: 294 Owen Road (off Pt Mellon Hwy. corner of Trant & Owen) Gibsons
Description: Functional, Decorative Pottery and Naked Raku. New this year - ceramic flutes. I will be doing a Raku demonstration weather permitting. Located at the corner of Trant Rd. and Owen Rd.
  7  Marleen Vermeulen
Phone: 604.886.0754 or 604.741.4150
Address: 733 Courtney Road, Granthams Landing
Description: Marleen is an internationally renowned painter of Westcoast land and seascapes. Her work exists of large scale textured oil paintings on canvas portraying the natural beauty of where we live. She is a profesional artist represented by the Kurbatoff Gallery on Granville Street, Vancouver.
  8  Pottery by Pam
Contact: Pam Horner
Phone: 604.886.1214
Address: 532 Woodland Ave, Gibsons
Description: Whether for your own use or as gifts, Pam makes colorful pottery that is functional and fun. Each piece is handbuilt and unique, intending to make you smile for years to come. During the 2017 Art Crawl, Pam will be joined by Dan Horner of Woodland Woodworker.
  9  Coast Chimes
Contact: Timothy Kline
Phone: 604.229.5560
Website: Wind chimes, suncatchers, art for the home and garden made from glass, copper, cedar, driftwood and beach stone.
Address: 535 Woodland Avenue, Gibsons
Description: Inspired by nature, artist Tim Kline uses artist-made sea glass, driftwood, beach stone, copper & cedar to create wind chimes and suncatchers. Tim's designs are collected by enthusiasts around the world.
  10  Lienzo Loco
Contact: Jeanne Robinson
Phone: 604.741.5096
Address: 636 Woodland Ave, Gibsons
Description: Oil and palette knife painting in acrylics and operating a vacation rental business from my home. Participant in 'Lona Lienzo' during the 2018 Art Crawl...
  11  Charmaine Bayntun
Phone: 604.886.4907, 604.317.6171
Website: facebook
Address: 795 Madison Place, Gibsons
Description: I use watercolours and acrylics in wide and closeup views to convert the essence of what captures me visually. Influenced by the sea.
  12  One Foot Crow Craft Distillery
Contact: Bob Bottieri
Phone: 604.220.0550
Address: 1050 Venture Way, Gibsons
Description: One Foot Crow Craft Distillery produces quality mineral infused spirits. The paintings Bob Bottieri and Giclee' of LaVonne Girard will also be on display Bob's oils on canvas draw inspiration from nature and story telling with rich colors and a fine sense of form.
  13  Forst Pottery Studio
Contact: Patricia Forst
Phone: 604.840.0304
Website: Pottery and Sculpture
Address: 1040 Chamberlin Rd, Gibsons
Description: Forst Pottery Studio - Patricia Forst's clay wall murals, sculptures and functional pottery are inspired by the contours and textures of the world around us. Coastal landscapes influence her work. Live music by the Duttons during the Art Crawl
  14  Jennifer Drysdale
Phone: 604.886.3583
Address: 1070 Stewart Rd, Gibsons
Description: Her paintings usually depict solitary figures within a specific environment. She is interested in portraying a connection or, in some cases, disconnect between the figure and the spaces they occupy. Abstraction, distortion and spontaneity are important parts of her most recent process allowing a looseness and more intuitive approach to painting. By appointment or when Purple Banner is displayed. Jen will be joined by Gord Dieroff during the Art Crawl.
  15  Persephone Brewing Company

Contact: Dion Whyte
Phone: 778.462.3007
Address: 1053 Stewart Road, Gibsons
Description: Persephone’s 11-acre farm-based brewery prides itself on the FRESHEST BEER. We grow hops and use BC grain in every sip. Not content with simply making the best and freshest beer, Persephone is also committed to making the world a better place through early adoption of ecologically and socially positive systems and working as a social venture to benefit our community.
  16  Janine Prevost
Website: Paintings and Fine Art Objects
Address: Bobbiwood Farm, 908 Reed Rd Gibsons
Description: Prévostudio is the Fine Art centre of Janine Prévost, where you will find original large scale paintings, as well as prints, sculptures, and interior design pieces in limited editions. Janine's impressive and rare artwork makes a home spectacular.
  17  Jane Orrom
Phone: 604.240.3759
Address: 1-815 North Road, Gibsons
Description: I am primarily a stained glass artist, specializing in copper foil projects. Since moving to the Sunshine Coast two years ago, from Quebec, I wanted to combine my art with some of the natural elements, like driftwood, that I find on my daily walks on the local beaches. Being an animal and plant lover, I find that I can easily incorporate the beauty of these two kingdoms into my art. I spent several years of my life raising alpacas, and I have some beautiful hand woven and knitted articles made from their fibre, including shawls, scarves and throws. Alpaca fibre is hypo-allergenic, and is comparible to cashmere in its luxuriant softness.
  18  Christy Sverre

Phone: 604.886.3951
Address: 612 Marine Drive Gibsons
Description: Visit Christy Sverre's stunning view studio to see her bold and energetic abstract paintings. "My work is inspired by the boldness of abstract painters before me. I have always loved deconstructing what I see and the act of painting completes it for me." From small to large she has work for everyone.
  19  Kasia Krolikowska
Phone: 604.886.1335
Address: 996 Cheryl Ann Park Rd, Rbts Creek, 537 Cruice Lane, Gibsons, during 2017 Art Crawl
Description: Bold colours and strong lines define Kasia's abstract art. Every acrylic painting, mixed media or collage is a separate journey in itself. Created in a spirit of self discovery and enjoyment. Visit Kasia at this great location!
  20  Gibsons Public Art Gallery
Phone: 604.886.0531
Address: 431 Marine Drive, Gibsons Landing
Description: Because art is for everyone. Open in 2003, GPAG presents 8-9 juried exhibitions. Open Submissions call annually to March 31. Watch for special submission calls. Painting classes for adults & children plus special events.
  21  One Flower One Leaf Gallery - Landing

Contact: Xinyu Oterueto
Phone: 604.886.0099
Address: 436 Marine Drive, Gibsons Landing
Description: One Flower One Leaf Gallery proudly show­cases over 30 local artists and artisans. Artwork, paintings, sculpture, photography, jewelry, pottery, wood carvings, glass art and musical instruments… Immerse yourself in creativity on the waterfront in the heart of Gibsons Land­ing. A great place to find art and handmade gifts crafted by the best talent on the Sunshine Coast!Open daily
  22  Daffadowndilly Gallery
Contact: Sharon Danroth
Phone: 604.886.7650
Address: 8-426 Marine Drive, Gibsons Landing
Description: in a heritage building overlooking Gibsons Harbour, we are over 75 local artisans, showcasing original works of Art, prints, art cards, wood carvings, knitted fashions, Raku, jewelry, folk art souvenires, BODYSENSE and now hosting 'Heaven on Earth' andmuch more.
  23  Olga's Hair Stories
Contact: Olga Chnara
Phone: 604.886.2677
Website: facebook
Address: 416 Marine Drive Gibsons
Description: My name is olga chnara, I am a Master hair stylist and professional Abstract artist. I was born in Crete Greece in 1979. My beautiful homeland with its rich traditions and culture inspired me to begin painting. In 2013 I moved to the Sunshine Coast with my family and have continue to be inspired by the great nature and beauty of my new home. As a kid I always had people tell me I had the gift for art, and I knew it too. As far back as I can remember, I have drawn and painted with great success. In 2011 I studied at the school of visual arts at the Technical University of crete for 3 years. I have obtained significant awards and accolades from various galleries, outstanding art professors and internet competitions (social media etc.) I have recieved excellent reviews from art histortians and art critics. I have given interviews to the media, television, newspaper and art magazines. Come to meet me and see my art. "There can be no culture without Art" Olga Chnara -Abstract Artist
  24  The Blackberry Shop & Friends
Contact: Maggie Penhallow
Phone: 604.886.0063
Address: 303 - 287 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons
Description: Showcasing the works of over 60 fine Sunshine Coast Artisans. Local Blackberry products from soaps to syrup, jam to Jewelry. Handmade children's clothing, toys & souvenirs. From soapstone/wood carvings, pottery, paintings, recycled copper wire art, textile, sculptures to personal care products and locally produced culinary delights including honey, chocolate, fish products and of course Blackberry Jam.
  25  Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. - Art on the Side
Contact: Fiona Pinnell
Phone: 778.462.3088
Address: 305 - 287 Gower Pt Rd, Gibsons Landing
Description: Visit our ocean-view, oil and balsamic taproom for complimentary tastings. Our staff will guide you in sampling our 40+ flavours. Plus gourmet specialty foods and gifts: pestos, tapenades, pasta, olives, glassware, olive oil soap.
  26  Mark Benson Photography and Fine Art Printing
Contact: Mark Benson
Phone: 604.865.0232
Address: 307-287 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons
Description: Mark Benson is a local fine art photographer that expesses his inner journey and reflections through his long exposure photograph's of the Sunshine Coast. Mark's inspiration comes from his love of the natural world and he spends countless hours exploring BC's mountains, oceans and rain forest. Mark's work can be found during the summer month's at the Langdale Ferry Terminal where he has a gallery and and various other Galleries and Shops on the Sunshine Coast.
  27  Goodwin, Coldicott & Batey
Website: edges
Address: The Arts Building, 464 South Fletcher, Gibsons during Art Crawl
Description: Make one stop to see the work of three Coast artists showing together. Fine furniture & photography by Jim Batey; abstract paintings by Frank Coldicott; abstract landscape paintings & unique vintage computer graphics by Dièdra Goodwin
  28  Art meets Chocolate
Contact: Sylvia Punguntzky
Phone: 604.961.9384
Website: Neighbourhood Art Chocolate
Address: 5 - 473 Gower Point Rd, in Gibsons Public Market
Description: "As an art loving chocolatier, I aim to fuse the creativity of artisan chocolate making with the inspiring talents of local artists while showcasing the unique feel of various British Columbian neighborhoods." With Love, Sylvie
  29  Carol Klasen
Phone: 604.741.5665
Address: 809 Bayview Heights Road, Gibsons
Description: I have been working with clay for over forty years. My passion is top make functional serving ware designed for use in the home. I work in a mid range stoneware! Inspired by the beauty of nature, I strive to reflect the ever changing palette of colours through my glazes.
  30  Margaret Adams
Phone: 604.840.9575
Address: 290 Skyline Drive, Gibsons
Description: I paint with encaustic medium, acrylic and mixed media. I am mainly an abstract/non-representational artist but since moving to the coast three years ago my work has taken on a West Coast feel. Abstractions of trees and ocean have worked their way into my work along with playful acrylic paintings.
  31  Judi Scott-Wood
Phone: 604.757.3737 (cell) 778-881-1010
Address: 542 Sargent Road, Gibsons
Description: I am a Painter and my early career was in Toronto as a professional illustrator, including painting large newspaper ads for Toronto Department Stores including The Bay, Woodwards, Simpsons Sears, Towers etc..also a children's book illustrator. My paintings more recently have been shown at the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver, CityScape Community Art Space in North Vancouver and I have painted live and sold paintings for H'Arts for the Homeless and have paintings hanging in New York, Toronto and Spokane Washington.
  32  Coralie Swaney

Phone: 604.886.4918
Website: Fine art and character sculpture
Address: 549 Sargent Rd, Gibsons
Description: Coralie's paintings are best described as contemporary realism with a dash of humour, a pinch of the unexpected and an invitation to the viewer to complete the narrative. Coralie's characters remind us that laughing matters.
  33  Paula O'Brien
Phone: 604.886.8089
Address: 504 Sargent Rd, Gibsons
Description: Colourful artist & artist networker Expressive oil painting & watercolours of Nutcracker ballet & other characters, plein air sketching, art textiles & wearable art.
  34  The Kube Studios
Contact: Jill Pilon Jody Youngren
Phone: 604.989.9677
Address: Unit 104 - 875 Gibson Way, Gibsons
Description: The Kube Studios is a platform (physical and virtual) that provides a creative environment and supportive management for emerging artists as art entrepreneurs.
  35  On Flower One Leaf Gallery - Sunnycrest
Contact: Xinyu Oterueto
Phone: 604.886.2909
Address: Sunnycrest Mall, 46 - 900 Gibons Way, Gibsons
Description: Proudly representing sixteen local artists and twenty-four artisans, WOW! is a focal point for art in Upper Gibsons. With almost 1,800 square feet of open space, the work of some of the Sunshine Coast’s most respected and bold painters mingles with photography, sculpture, pottery, blown glass, wood carvings, felt work and stunning jewelry handcrafted by 6 local smiths.
  36  La Petite Souris Chocolate
Contact: Amber Stoby
Phone: 604.886.2079
Address: 4-626 Shaw Road, Gibsons
Description: A tiny chocolate creation factory. Chocolate is an emotionally laden food. Our focus is on experiential and conscious eating. Our aim is for our chocolates to invoke happy memories, and examine how chocolate is tied to those experiences, through our personal journeys, traditions, and the senses. We support local farmers and source BC fruits and nuts for our luxury line of chocolate bars, called "Chocolate Garden". All our products are handmade and packaged on the Sunshine Coast.
  37  Hooray Truffles
Contact: Kim Kingston
Phone: 604.989.4240
Website: chocolatier
Address: 203-1058 Gibsons Way (in Len Wray Bldg, park around back)
Description: We are a mindful, conscious artisanal chocolate company that creates certified vegan, certified organic, dark chocolate truffles that are soy lecithin free and sweetened with dates.
  38  Dave Coyle Antique Reproductions
Contact: Dave Coyle
Phone: 604.886.6617
Address: 1061 Gibsons Way
Description: beautiful country inspired handcrafted furniture made of 100% renewable resource BC wood that will last for generations. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-4pm,
  39  Ginny Vail Designs
Contact: Ginny Vail
Phone: 604.740.7019
Website: Art and Photography
Address: Fircrest & Mahan, follow the signs during Art Crawl
Description: -a mixed media artist who enjoys collage and abstract painting in oils and acrylics. Her eye for everything beautiful is reflected in her art. The private space in my new studio enables me to paint intuitively & to convey emotional layers in the abstract form. Pieces vary in size from original art greeting cards to large canvases.
  40  ravensthread studio
Contact: Catherine Nicholls
Phone: 604.351.9118
Address: 1335 Kearton Road, Gibsons
Description: My work is developed through painting, drawing and collage in sketchbooks, this planning and exploration allows a more intuitive approach when it comes to fabric, paint and mixed media techniques. I work on paper and fabric with discharge, dyeing, drawing, painting and printing. Textile pieces are quilted by hand or machine and often both. Embellishments of buttons, embroidery stitch and beads are a common feature in my work, as are paint, coloured pencil and pen and ink.
  41  Nancy McMurdo
Phone: 604.418.1770
Address: 1297 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons
Description: I am a self taught artist working with many media's. I create paintings that I will hope speak to others on a deeper level, the hidden beauty within us all. During the Art Crawl Nancy McMurdo and Ines Tancré present mixed media and photo based contemporary art, vibrant and thought provoking. 1297 Gower Point Rd., 604 418 1770
  42  Nadina Tandy
Phone: 604.886.8978
Website: Contemporary Art
Address: 1462 Bonniebrook Hts Rd, Gibsopns
Description: Beyond pretty-making, Tandy is interested in process-making, manifesting deep connections to like-minded individuals and misfits, uncovering raw truth and unforeseen allure by taking the surrealist approach to concept, mark making and presentation. The results are challenging and delightful - curious, multileveled artworks that are as naïve and complex as they are intellectual and beautiful.
  43  Valerie Unruh
Phone: 604.880.2169
Address: 1470 Vernon Drive, Gibsons
Description: Valerie has been designing jewelry for the past 25 years. Her current designs include glass and Swarovski crystal components which are hand wired to create botanical themed necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, and brooches. She has a shop in her home along with her studio spaces. Valerie attended the Ontario College of Art and was an honor student. She creates sculptured paintings with oil or acrylic paints and mediums, as well as incorporating semi precious stones onto the canvas. All of Valerie's jewels and art pieces are self conceptualized and hand crafted here on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.
  44  Anna Green Art
Contact: Anna Green
Phone: 604.219.5787
Address: Molly's Lane, 287 Lower Gower Pt Rd, Gibsons during Art Crawl AND 4260 Orca Rd, Garden Bay
Description: Visit Anna Green at her studio & gallery at Molly's Seaside Market, where you find her soulful, whimsical figurative paintings. All Sizes, acrylic on Canvas.Her themes celebrate the feminine spirit, from mermaids, fairies and yogis to women embracing friendship and the joy of living. Anna is also a yoga teacher/yoga therapist, offering small and private classes/services from her home studio.
  45  Julia Dodge

Phone: 604.886.0689
Website: painting
Address: 706 Henry Rd during the 2017 Art Crawl
Description: The oil paintings are of nature that we usually disregard or ignore. I like to bring to the viewer's attention the forms, rhythms and colours in nature that are sometimes missed by simple identifications. When you touch something beautiful there seems to be a powerful energy that is exchanged; as if you touched something infinite, something beyond yourself and yet part of what you are
  46  Mountain Path Pottery
Contact: Margaret Forbes
Phone: 604.902.3647
Address: 506 Oceanview Drive
Description: Hand built and wheel thrown functional & sculptural ceramic objects. Organic surface texture and forms inspired by the natural environment.
  47  Marilyn Sadik
Phone: 778.462.2555
Address: 470 Oceanview Drive, Gibsons
Description: I am a knitter, belly dancer, reader, Gardner, Artist who in her retirement has decided to devote more of her time to her love of painting. I have always considered myself an artist but life, family and work took up most of my time. Now that I am retired I have the time to create and am having a great time doing so. I do animal portraits in pastel and abstracts in inks and acrylic pouring.
  51  Sea Sprite Soaps & Fine Textiles
Contact: Elizabeth Nordlund
Phone: 604.886.1222
Address: 1599 Grandview Road (off of Harry Road) Gibsons
Description: One of a kind quality textiles - handspun, natural dyes, woven, knit, quilted, embroidered and sewn. Her Sea Sprite Soaps bring you the scents of the West Coast - using only 100% natural oils & B.C. water. Luxurious - good for you - good for the planet.
collapse  2-Roberts Creek
    26 Steamer Trunks
Contact: Eugenia Stephenson
Phone: 604.886.9267
Address: 972 Metcalfe Road
Description: Eugenia Stephenson shares her wearable art, photographs, prints and jewellery in her cottage studio. Her husband, Michael, adds photographs from the last 65 years. Visit by appointment only. 972 Metcalfe Rd, Roberts Creek. Call 604-886-9267
  48  Harvey Sexsmith
Phone: 604.250.7501
Address: The Cottage - 721 Highland Road, Gibsons
Description: Custom woodworking and millwork, specializing in fine furniture and marquetry. Glass, fibre and metal is incorporated into traditional and contemporary designs to give a modern twist.
  49  Tree Studios Artist Blacksmith
Contact: Kelly Backs
Phone: 604.886.0709
Address: Conrad Road, 1st Driveway on the right, stay right, Roberts Creek
Description: Blacksmithing in the Creek. Forged metal arts of beauty and purpose. Custom ironwork for those interested in authentic craftsmanship. After 17 years of professional blacksmithing, Kelly Backs has returned to Roberts Creek to offer the Sunshine Coast the benefits of this age old craft. From gates and railings to sculptural objects, Tree Studios can work with you to create something to call your own.
  50  Bruinwood Estate Distillery
Contact: Jeff Barringer
Phone: 604.886.1371
Address: 2042 Porter Road, Roberts Creek
Description: Eclectic abstract expressionist husband and patient wife conspire to bring you a dramatic display of vibrant and exciting paintings. Their delightful Roberts Creek home gallery will immediately capture your imagination and your heart. Jeff Barringer's dramatic pieces, derived from a broad and diverse range of sources and ideas, have recently been exhibited at the GPAG & Sunshine Coast Arts Centre to rave reviews. Don't miss this chance to meet him in person and see his latest work. And now home of Bruinwood Estate Distillery open Fridays 2-6pm and Saturdays 11am-6pm.
  51  Doug Jinkerson
Phone: 604.989.2675
Address: 672 Conrad Rd, Roberts Creek
Description: I'm a artist with formal training at Capilano college and University of Victoria. I have a basis in sculpture, photography and painting. My current medium of choice is acrylic painting. my work is realistic while retaining a feeling for brush work . My subjects revolve around the Sunshine Coast landscape, with both negative and positive treatment of human impact and the natural splendour in which we inhabit. My work often considers the amazing machinery we construct and its impact.
  52  Molten Spirit Glass Studio
Contact: Chris Motloch
Phone: 604.886.0357
Address: 885 Byng Rd, Roberts Creek BC
Description: Blown glass creations of exceptional beauty inspired by the natural environment of the rainforest and seashore of the Sunshine Coast.
  53  Timothy Clement
Phone: 604.886.8218
Address: 1031 Orange Road, Roberts Creek
Description: I am a chairmaker making chairs, stools and benches of wood and fabric or leather. I have an array of designs and also do custom work. I also do carved and painted wood signs for homes and businesses.
  54  RoseAnn Janzen
Phone: 604.886.0936
Address: 879 Agnes Road, Roberts Creek
Description: Exhibiting around the world since 1984, RoseAnn's original paintings in acrylic, watercolour & mix media break all the rules. Based on her extensive travels, love of animals and fascination with colour, her work exudes a naive sophistication. Visit her fabulous new Gallery/Studio in funky Roberts Creek.
  55  Fire and Ash Studio
Contact: Jack Ploesser
Phone: 604.886.0883
Website: Fire and Ash Studio - Jack Ploesser (Facebook)
Address: 950 Cheryl Ann Park Road, Roberts Creek
Description: Gas fired stoneware and porcelain/Scarlet Reds/Blue Celadons/functional ware and one of a kind. Unique teapots/ platters/bowls/Vases. Located 10 minutes from Gibsons - Signs on Hwy.101 and Lower Rd.
  56  Goldmoss Artist Studio & Gallery
Contact: Lee & Bon Roberts
Phone: 604.886.1968
Address: 2840 Lower Road, Roberts Creek
Description: Bon and Lee Roberts – Original contemporary sculpture, painting, photography & film. Full time artist couple Lee & Bon Roberts create out of their passive solar designed bldg on sustainable permaculture grounds.
  57  Eco-Freako Gallery
Contact: Rob Robson, Lesley Roberts
Address: 1055 Roberts Creek Rd
Description: Planet Friendly Passions & Awesome Artists. 21 Coast artists & artisans - paintings, pottery, photography, jewelry, leatherwork, glassworks, art cards & prints, books, hand painted silk, & more.
  58  Wildart Photography
Contact: Shel Neufeld
Phone: 604.886.6713
Address: 1055 Roberts Creek Rd, upstairs
Description: Shel's photos reflect beauty found in nature, from mountains to the ocean. From cards to large canvas photo prints, Shel's images inspire connection to the wild.
  59  The Rusty Hinge
Contact: Rhoda Baxter
Phone: 604.741.5468
Address: 1059 Roberts Creek Road
Description: A boutique garden shop and more ... cross stitch on chicken wire. Large botanical designs
  60  Elfinstones Crystal Gallery
Contact: Jeffrey Wihlidal
Phone: 604.764.2013
Website: facebook
Address: #13 1053 Roberts Creek Rd
Description: In the Heart of Roberts Creek , The Elfinstones Crystal Gallery showcases a world class collection of Gemstones and Minerals from all corners of the earth.
  61  Jane Hennessy

Phone: 778.772.0024
Address: 1173 Cedar Grove Road, Roberts Creek
Description: I am an expressive figurative artist working with a number of different mediums and techniques including charcoal, graphite, oil paint and collage on paper, canvas panel and wood.
  62  Pauline Hurley
Phone: 604.740.5773
Address: 3172 Mossy Rock Road, Roberts Creek
Description: Garden Studio at the end of cul-de-sac. Pauline is an acrylic painter specialising in fruit plus Clay sculpting mainly in masks and folk art. Joined by Tony Hurley, creator of unusual, fun ceramics.
  63  Conchita Maria
Phone: 604.741.3430
Address: 3294 Krause Road, during Art Crawl, Up the Creek 1261 Rbts Creek Rd
Description: In my studio working with oil and acrylic paint, energetic brush strokes and vibrant colors spiral onto the canvas in the way I perceive the dynamic movement of life where the mountains, streams, lakes, oceans, and skies dance in a celebration of life. Each work of art is an attempt to capture a moment of flow in the web of life, and to show the changing energy that interconnects of all life. We live in a world where time makes us run and we can forget to stop and smell the flowers or look to the stars. My passion is to create works of art that resonate with your own connections to a natural landscape, so that any room can be transformed into a place of inspiration and a space for contemplation and stillness.
  64  Malaspina Artists
Contact: current president
Address: Roberts Creek Hall during the 2017 Art Crawl
Description: Representing Powell River's vibrant artistic community: paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photography, fine art prints, natural soap & body products, jewelry, natural clothes and textile arts.
  65  Elizabeth Swan Photography
Contact: Elizabeth Swan
Phone: 604.740.6244
Address: Halfmoon Bay, 5099 SC Hwy during Art Crawl 2018
Description: Elizabeth has photographing people and places for 25 years and in recent years had incorporated her mixed media creature creations into her photography.
  66  Washed Ashore
Contact: Lindsey Suliman
Phone: 604.989.6868
Address: Masonic Hall, Roberts Creek during Art Crawl
Description: The sea called to me, and I listened. So here I am on these beaches of the Sunshine Coast seeking the tranquility most of us come here for, when I notice we're also searching for something else. Tiny bits of glass, exquisite pearly shells, the precious harmonic pebbles dancing in the waves are plucked from the sand to decorate with or perhaps be a reminder of our time here. Whether you keep your treasure in pretty glass jars or spilled on the table, all beachcombers the same we love the sea. I've made this art from the gems I've found with the intention of making you smile, be a momento, or maybe that perfect gift or treasure you were combing for.
  67  Debra Manou
Phone: 604.424.8060
Address: Manou Watercolour
Description: Debra is a self taught watercolour artist who loves to explore the repetition of shape and form. She has lived on the coast since 2011.
  68  Fibre Friends
Contact: Verna Chan
Phone: 604.886.3114
Address: 537 Veterans Road - showing with Fibre Friends at SC Golf and Country Club during Art Crawl)
Description: Singer -- Recording artist - jazz/R&B; also a fibre artist.
  69  this is it design
Contact: Beth Hawthorn & Robert Studer
Phone: 604.885.5324
Address: 1551 Lockyer Rd, Roberts Creek
Description: Hidden in the forest is a unique artist studio filled with contemporary art, craft and design. An adventure within itself. Beth Hawthorn & Robert Studer are your hosts, curiosity is your guide.
  70  Creek Clayworks
Contact: Elaine Futterman & Mike Allegretti
Phone: 604.885.2395
Address: 1738 Lockyer Rd, 2km above Hwy 101 off Roberts Creek Rd
Description: Functional pottery designed to be used and enjoyed; custom dinnerware as well as one-of-a-kind pieces.
  71  Suzy Naylor
Phone: 604.740.0963
Address: 2991 Grauman Rd (up Roberts Creek Rd from SC Hwy) Roberts Creek
Description: Colourful paintings inspired by both the tangible universe and the world of imagination. Often when she starts a painting with an image from the natural world, it morphs into something else. When she starts a painting with no conscious image or idea she begins by offering some marks for the canvas to respond to. Eventually the canvas answers with a suggestion and then the fun begins. The end products of these kinds of paintings are always a surprise.
  72  Alchemy Jewellery & Metal
Contact: Diane Clark
Phone: 604.886.7302
Address: Gibsons, with Suzy Naylor, 2991 Grauman during Art Crawl
Description: Jeweller working with sterling silver & gemstones. That 'alchemy of having metal become malleable and transform into jewellery & sculpture creates a sense of wonder for Diane and shows in her work.
  73  Twirl Lampwork
Contact: Terri Whitaker
Phone: 604.886.7622
Address: 2265 Gail Road, Roberts Creek, showing at Suzy Naylors during Art Crawl
Description: Handmade Glass Beads made individually by a process known as Lampwork or Flameworking. Lampwork is the process of melting rods of glass on to stainless steel mandrels using a duel fuel torch, creating the design by manipulating the color reactions, temperature and flow of fuel, and then annealing the bead in a kiln to assure strength and durability. Each bead is a unique piece of art. The beads are available individually or made in to one of a kind pieces of jewelry.
  74  Mustard Seed Clay Creations & Spirited Ceramics
Contact: Ray, Bev and Tim Niebergall
Phone: 604.885.3174
Address: 3394 Kraus Rd (down Marlene off Hwy 101), Roberts Creek
Description: Nestled amongst the cedars, the working studio & showroom feature a wide range of unique, functional and sculptural pieces in porcelain, stoneware and whimsical clay art. Come browse in our celebration of diversity!
  75  Carol LaFave
Phone: 604.885.0212
Address: 3692 Beach Ave
Description: a former freelance illustrator Carol developed her skills as an artist, painting Kensington Market and the inner city. Now working from her home studio in Roberts Creek, her styles continue to change and evolve always with striking colours. She draws on the forest, the sea and life around her for her inspiration.
  76  Bruce Edwards
Phone: 604.210.9459
Website: artwork & bio
Address: 1501 Henderson Rd Roberts Creek, Rockwood Lodge during the Art Crawl 2018
Description: I am a student and instructor in painting and drawing. My father bought a small lot in Roberts Creek back in the 70’s My wife, Deborah and our 2 kids would spend time “camping out” in the summers. Two years ago we moved an old 1958 beach cabin on the lot and moved in. Nice to be “HOME”.
collapse  3-Wilson Creek and Davis Bay
  77  Felt You Up
Contact: Akaleka Owleye (Gibson)
Phone: 604.741.3372
Address: 4166A Browning Road
Description: Akaleka is a self-taught fibre artisan creating wearable felted fibre art designed for beauty and function. Part milliner, she specialises in felt; blocked and wet felted hats as well as gossamer nuno wraps, wallhangings, unique vests, silk skirts and 3-dimensional vessels. Each artisan treasure is one of a kind, created from fine merino wool and/or silk, bamboo, flax and alpaca. Fleece and fibres are often hand dyed with eco-friendly dyes. Her home and studio is open to the public upon request. Felted works can be viewed at The Landing Gallery in Gibsons or the Farmers Market in Sechelt.
  78  Lynda Manson
Phone: 604.740.0704
Address: 4147 Browning Road, Wilson Creek
Description: Lynda Manson is fascinated with little piles of acrylic paint that she turns into pet, people and wildlife portraits, landscapes and abstracts in her free flowing style. Her artwork has been translated into beautiful wearable art. Joining Lynda is Christine Gaskins who works with acrylics and in her representational style creates vibrant, engaging portraits and landscapes.
  79  Red Herring Studio & Gallery
Contact: Keith Burdon
Phone: 604.741.7496
Address: 1564 McCullough Road, Sechelt
Description: Carvings, sculpture and furniture inspired by life in our coastal environment. A mix of whimsy and realism, vibrant colour and natural wood.
  80  Krystyna Glass Studio & Gallery
Contact: Jan Benda
Phone: 604.885.2125
Address: 1650 Field Road, Wilson Creek
Description: Exclusive and unique art glass created by master glassblower Jan Benda. Vases, plates, perfume bottles, ornaments, oil lamps, candleholders and more.
  81  Wildflower Quilting Studio
Contact: Tess Strauss
Phone: 778.689.1564
Address: 1647 Field Road, Wilson Creek (Sechelt)
Description: Longarm and custom quilting with a contemporary flair. Providing drop-in Quilting, sewing, scrapbooking. Good workspace, friendly atmosphere. Mon-Thurs 10-5pm.
  82  RoadHouse Kustom Metals & Design
Contact: Ashley Odd
Phone: 778.458.9818
Website: Fabrication studio
Address: 49, 1877 Field Road
Description: Fabricator/Artist who does custom metal work and sculptures.
  83  Brian Romer

Phone: 604.885.9790
Address: 5097 Sunshine Coast Highway, Sechelt
Description: West Coast landscapes in the Canadian tradition. Showing at Mission Point House, 4595 SC Hwy Sunday only during Art Crawl.
  84  Coast Raven Design Studio and Gallery
Contact: Artie George Richard de la Mare
Phone: 604.885.7131
Address: 4668 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Davis Bay
Description: We have been creating native art since 1970 and now specialize in all forms of top quality woodcarving and hand carved sterling silver and gold jewellery. Our retail gallery and studio workshop are contained within an unique character building along the Sunshine Coast Highway only 15 minutes from the Langdale ferry terminal, and just steps away from the beach. What sets Coast Raven apart and affords us continued success is that we make everything we sell. Our customers save by buying direct from the artists.
  85  Laurie Rolland-Potter
Contact: Laurie Rolland
Phone: 604.885.0744
Address: 4676 Whitaker, Davis Bay
Description: Laurie Rolland RCA - Laurie’s work ranges from one-of-a-kind exhibition pieces to smaller functional domestic ware. Her handbuilt ceramics are unique in form and surface and are influenced by the natural world around her. Described as ‘quirky’ and ‘elegant’ her work is always versatile as it changes and developes.
  86  Jennifer Frisk
Phone: 604.741.1809
Address: 4780 Fir Rd, Davis Bay, showing at 7779 Lohn Rd, HMB for Art Crawl
Description: Contouring panels to create movement, applying texture medium to define shape, and using acrylic paint to achieve light and colour bring my abstract interpretation of nature to life. A fascination with movement created by colour and light found at the ocean’s edge or in the coastal forests weaves itself into my paintings.
  87  Botanicus Pots
Contact: James Bennett
Phone: 604.885.6266
Address: 4798 Fir Rd Davis Bay
Description: Porcelaine or stoneware works that are functional and sculptural.
  88  Bob Evermon
Phone: 604.741.0662
Address: 4945 Laurel Ave, Davis Bay
Description: Bob Evermon has showed his work and is in the permanent colection of the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis , Minn. - The Minneapolis Institute of art - Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC - Canada Art Bank - Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC - Vancouver Art Gallery - Minneapolis College of Art - University of New Mexico - Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Holllywood, CA - Iran Modern Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran - Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, Canada - Los Angeles Printmaking Society - Norton Simon Museum, Los Angeles 2012
collapse  4-Sechelt
    Sheila Page Art
Contact: Sheila Page
Phone: 604.885.3807
Address: Davis Bay
Description: Sheila's works in acrylics and oils and other graphic media, diverse in style with representational pieces usually celebrating our coastal environment.
    Sun and Sea Warm Glass Art
Contact: Claire Folstad
Phone: 604.399.8737
Website: facebook
Address: 5830 Trail Ave, Sechelt
Description: Unique fused glass pieces, both functional and eclectic. New this year, holiday glass and ornaments. What began as an appreciation of the beauty glass can hold...has developed into a passion for pushing boundaries & creating unique fused glass pieces. Inspired by nature ~ Claire's candle holders, soap dishes, glass chimes, and the beautiful plates & bowls ~ are all designed, hand cut, and fired in her Sechelt studio.
  89  Tam Harrington
Phone: 604.741.5107
Address: 5206 Radcliffe Road, Sechelt
Description: Tam Harrington creates alternative multi-media work. Repurposing common items into Objects de Art – Encaustic Paintings & Prints, Metal Assemblage Sculpture & Wearable Art, Day of the Dead- Shrines, Cards & Edible Art
  90  Blue Dot Art Studio
Contact: Anita Lindblom
Phone: 604.885.0921
Address: 5081 Sunshine Coast Hwy, just south of Sechelt
Description: Watercolours, acrylics & hand painted functional ceramic tableware in an actual working studio environment. All ceramics and glazes are made with environmentally friendly, lead-free materials that are safe in a 350'F oven, dishwasher or microwave.
  91  Instinctive Art / all donna
Contact: Donna Stewart
Phone: 604.885.3327
Address: 5099 Sunshine Coast Hwy during Art Crawl 2017
Description: Donna is a self taught artist. Rules are not her idea of capturing the creative spirit. Experimentation is her favorite form of expression. She chooses mixed media abstract because of its freedom .She loves the challenge of new techniques and recreating old ones. Her inspiration comes from lines, colors and textures she sees everyday. Each painting begins with an open mind she works from instinct, using texture and color, letting the painting evolve until it achieves its final destiny.
  92  Shashishalhem: shishalh tl'e?-enak-awtxw

Address: 5418 Monkey Tree Lane, Sechelt
Description: The Sechelt long house represents a proud return to age-old celebrations and gatherings. The shíshálh tl´e enak-awxw (Feast House) will present First Nations Artists throughout the weekend of the Art Crawl.
  93  Sechelt Hospital Foundation
Phone: 604.885.8637
Address: 5544 SC Hwy (Sechelt Hospital) @ Rbts Creek Golf & Country Club during Art Crawl
Description: Dedication to the Healing of Art. Presenting a program which invites local artists and collectors to help create a visually inspiring and caring environment here at Sechelt Hospital for the enjoyment of patients, families and staff.
  94  tems swiya Museum
Phone: 604.885.6012
Address: 5555 Sunshine Coast Hwy Sechelt
Description: Experience a glimpse of shíshálh culture through our collection of basketry, archaeological displays, historic photographs, art and oral histories.
  95  Sunshine Coast Arts Council & Doris Crowston Gallery
Phone: 604.885.5412
Address: 5714 Medusa Street (at Trail), Sechelt
Description: Operating the Sunshine Coast Art Centre which incorporates a public gallery, a music studio housing two community pianos, and a public art studio all available to rent. Open Wed to Sat 11am-4pm, Sun 1-4pm. During Art Crawl Jeff Barringer and Jan de Beer will be on display
  96  Leif-Kristian Freed
Phone: 604.885.7246
Address: 6201 Dodona Place, Sechelt during the 2017 Art Crawl @ SC Arts Centre
Description: My paintings are colourful, figurative abstractions primarily in acrylic and oil, often using mixed media. My recent works have been called expressionistic abstractions and all make bold statements. I draw inspiration from the abundant beauty of the Sunshine Coast . Come visit my charming garden studio to view my most recent creations.
  97  Ocean Studio
Contact: Heather Waddell
Phone: 604.885.5606
Address: 5796 Medusa Street
Description: Psycho-Modern semi-abstract acrylic medium and ceramics
  98  Darla Van Horne Designs
Contact: Darla Van Horne
Phone: 604.741.1748
Address: 5741 Surf Circle, Sechelt
Description: Jewellery artist using a variety of metals, including iron and gold as well enamel. Also, small mixed media wall sculpture using metal and found objects with encaustic and acrylics.
  99  23 Flavours of Wood
Contact: Terry Grimwood
Phone: 778.689.7199
Address: 5778 Marine Way Unit 7, Sechelt
Description: 23 FLAVOURS OF WOOD is the idea and work of Terry Grimwood, Artist/Woodworker. We have an amazing and unique collection of fine wood with an extreme depth of inventory of rounds, slab, blocks and burls. The material is available in any stage of completion-raw to fine finished. This show will feature Fir, Cedar, Yellow Cedar (Cypress), Arbutus and Yew wood. We're looking forward to seeing you there!
  100  Jan Jensen
Phone: 604.885.3363
Address: 5785 Genni's Way, Sechelt
Description: Jan Jensen, Black Belt Nia Instructor and Lifestyle Transformer, shares the joys of Nia in her classes, workshops and retreats year round. Her additional background in healing movement, body energetics, communications and fine arts brings a unique and powerful perspective to this integrated movement practice. From one-on-one coaching to leading capacity crowds at gatherings such as The Every Woman in the World Conference, Jan’s dynamic and effervescent approach inspires people to explore practical and joy-filled experiences for total health.Tues/Thu/Sat @ 9am, Sechelt Aquatic Centre
  101  Red Cedar Woman Studio
Contact: Jessica Silvey
Phone: 604.865.0163
Address: 5477 Wharf St, Sechelt (behind Coast Reporter, next to park)
Description: A self taught weaver of Coast Salish and Portuguese decent combining traditional Coast Salish construction and design with her own artistic vision – baskets, hats and mats.
  102  Artworks Gallery & Framing
Contact: Cindy Buis
Phone: 604.740.2660 or 604.886.1250 (cel)
Address: 5697 Cowrie St, Sechelt (new location)
Description: Specializing in Custom Picture Framing and featuring a wide variety of Artwork and Reproductions. Guided Arts & Cultural Tours too. During Art Crawl works of Brian Romer, Donna Swain, unique works by Lorena Pelly.
  103  Coastal Art Gallery
Phone: 604.740.0807
Website: art gallery
Address: Trail Bay Mall, 5755 Cowrie St., Sechelt
Description: We are are group of local artists running the gallery as a co-op. There is always one of the artists in the store and quite often work on our artwork while there. Come by and watch and meet the artist and of course pick up some great deals while you are here ! We have original paintings , archival prints [ Giclees] cards , Photographs canvas and fine art paper, pottery, hand made dolls and jewelry and glass work . All unique items and MADE IN CANADA . Hours of operation are: Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5:30 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 5:30 pm, Sundays 12 noon to 4pm.
  104  deer crossing the art farm
Phone: 604.886.0955
Address: 1747 Storvold Road - 2017 Art Crawl show at Rockwood Centre, Sechelt
Description: deer crossing the art farm: a gathering space for artists, farmers and everyone in between. With five Sunshine Coast acres of mountain, rain forest and cleared pasture overlooking the ocean, the art farm provides creation, performance and gallery space, indoors and out, on a dynamic organic farm for artists to produce innovative work now and for years to come.
  105  Sechelt Arts Festival
Address: various locations around Sechelt
Description: Oct 12-22, 2017. coast artists of aboriginal & non-aboriginal heritage in a multi-media cross-cultural collaboration to create new works & stories Art Exhibition, 5790 Teredo St. •
  106  Keay Photo Enterprises
Contact: Wanda Keay
Phone: 604.741.9942
Website: wildlife and scenic photography
Address: 6250 Apollo Road, Sechelt
Description: unique family of award winning photographers for over 30 years have experienced adventure from being lost on the Arctic Ocean, to standing two meters from grizzly bears. A quote from their second book titled Walk on the Wild Side. Wanda writes "As I took inventory of our supplies in the land of the spirit bear, I realized being wife and mother to this amazing family was my responsibility and I wouldn't have it any other way".
  107  Sawoola Design
Contact: Kim Sawula
Phone: 604.848.5824
Website: intuitive abstract illustrations
Address: 6212 Dodona Place, Sechelt
Description: A fine artist exploring the subtle relationship line and form through illustration.
Contact: Claudia Sageele Cuesta
Phone: 604.202.8056
Address: 5546 Nickerson Rd
Description: is a unique studio where we make contempoary art in a variety of medium. This include: steel, stainless steel, stone, water, glass, silk, paper, light, wood as well as functional art that integrate art and architecture. During the Art Crawl featuring “Fragments” paintings by David Sheffield and Carol Sinclaire. The lab aims to bring a fresh outlook reflecting contemporary art practices.
  109  Norwest Bay Road Studio
Contact: Jennifer Goodwin
Phone: 604.747.2285
Address: 6323, Norwest Bay Rd. Sechelt
Description: I work with both photography and paint, my work is reflective of my environment so my subject matters are quite varied, from portraits to landscapes. I have been a full time artist since graduating from Emily Carr some years ago.
  110  Roy Peters
Phone: 604.989.9722
Address: 6326 Norwest Bay Road, Sechelt
Description: Roy creates imaginative images on canvas using mostly acrylics and watercolours. He paints in his own signature style, with boldness colour and design to capture the spirit of the scene.
  111  Kathryn Mussells
Phone: 604.885.3458
Address: 6560 Pickleball Court, Sechelt
Description: KM Jewellery-Kathryn Mussells -Hand crafted jewellery focusing on intricately-detailed polymer clay beads and pendants in the millefiori glass technique.Realistic floral necklace and earring designs as well as hand kit scarves and shawls are also a specialty. affordable elegance for any occasion.
  112  R.B. Wainwright
Phone: 604.740.9982
Website: R.B.Wainwright - Artist
Address: 6565 Pickleball Court, Sechelt
Description: R.B.Wainwright RCA - Numerous International, national, regional exhibits of unique paintings, prints, monoprints, drawings, with linocuts on the theme “Everything Has A Meaning – Everything Has A Consequence.”
  113  Margot Hallman
Phone: 905.302.6419
Address: 5372 Wakefield Beach Lane, Sechelt
Description: I work with the mediums of watercolour, pastel and oil. After having had a number of my art pieces accepted into national juried exhibitions, I have retired from the practice of law and I now devote myself full time to developing my own artistic vision. I make my home in Oakville, Ontario and in Sechelt, British Columbia on the coast of the Georgia Strait.
  114  Susanne Janda
Phone: 604.879.5539
Address: 6659 Sunshine Coast Hwy
Description: Reflected in Sue's pieces are a respect for photography, digital and graphic process. Colour and abstract inspired by nature, music and our place in the world.
  115  Snake Bay Pottery
Contact: Marilyn Butt
Phone: 604.740.0530
Address: 6476 Gale Ave. North, Sechelt
Description: Functional stoneware pieces - platters vases bowls mugs handcrafted from the earth I work with stoneware and fire at cone 6 in an electric kiln. It is a continuous adventure trying new designs and glazes. Since we retired to the Coast, I have developed my skills through workshops, courses, and a residency program at Medalta. When you have a piece of my pottery, my wish is that there is as much joy in the using as in the making.
  116  Woolies on the Coast
Contact: Ursula Greiner
Phone: 604.721.6015
Address: 6382 Rimrock Road, Sechelt
Description: Born and raised in Germany, married with two sons. In 1997 we moved to Canada (West Vancouver) and in 2013 we moved to Sechelt. Teaches various techniques to anyone who was interested. A textile artist hand-dying 100% wool, silk-velvet, silk, and linen, and designing wool applique projects embellished with hand-embroidered stitches. Presently I am teaching hand embroidery on various projects in Ladner, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Powell River and Sechelt.
collapse  5-Halfmoon Bay
  117  Egerman Pottery
Contact: Susan Egerman
Phone: 778.458.2117
Address: 7508 Eureka Place, Halfmoon Bay
Description: Garden and yard sculpture, wheel thrown functional pottery in porcelain and stoneware. Garden is filled with art sculptures.
  118  Brenda Silvey Gemstone & Silverworks
Contact: Brenda Silvey
Phone: 604.741.5314
Address: 7625 Eureka Place, Halfmoon Bay
Description: I am a silversmith, located in Halfmoon Bay. I work from my home creating jewellery in silver, gold, gold fill, copper and bronze with gemstones, beach glass, beads and pearls.
  119  Lori Morris
Phone: 604.989.5674
Address: 1605 Mission Road, Davis Bay
Description: Acrylic painting is the medium I use to express my gratitiude for the hope that I find in the beauty that surrounds me. I love the beaches and the trees of the Sunshine Coast and find them so comforting and inspiring.
  120  Huckleberry Studio
Contact: Naomi Brand
Phone: 604.740.3934
Address: 8098 Dogwood Drive, Halfmoon Bay
Description: Born and raised on the coast, my refuge has always been the beach and the forest. I still draw inspiration and motivation from the outdoors. Chickens are my curious companions as I work in my studio. From functional ware to garden pieces. Birdbaths and terra-cotta faces. Glazes reminiscent of beach glass. Carving and unique textures adorn many pieces.
  121  Pamela Roberts
Phone: 604.747.1400
Address: 8144 Westwood Rd, 8098 Dogwood Rd, Halfmoon Bay during Art Crawl 2017
Description: I am a metalsmith working with silver, gold, enamel and gemstones. Living by the sea has a strong influence on my work and many of my pieces depict ocean creatures, starfish, sand dollars and crustaceans. I strive for elegance and simplicity in my work, translating the shapes and forms of the undersea world in my designs.
  122  Watercolour Journey Gallery
Contact: Hiroshi Shimazaki
Phone: 604.885.2882
Address: 8201 Redrooffs Road, Halfmoon Bay
Description: Changing displays of natural and cultural landscapes of contemporary and historical scenes capturing beauties and wonders around the world by a well-travelled geographer.
  123  Sandy Kay
Phone: 604.328.7655
Address: 8289 Redroofs Rd, Halfmoon Bay
Description: Sandy Kay recently relocated to Halfmoon Bay from Vancouver, where she had a studio/gallery on Granville Island. She works in multiple mediums and styles, from bold large canvases in acrylic and oil to thoughtful watercolours….abstracts, impressionism, realism…landscapes, seascapes, figurative. Sandy Kay loves to paint! Come by and visit with the new artist on the Coast.
  124  Halfmoon Bay Community Assoc. (Apple Festival)
Phone: 604.885.5539
Address: Cooper's Green 5500 Fisherman Rd, Halfmoon Bay
Description: A group of upcoming and seasoned artists, waiting to share their work, are joining forces to showcase their creations along with the Halfmoon Bay Apple Festival and the Halfmoon Bay Community Association Oktoberfest. Slurp a soup, munch on apple yummies, hear a tune, soak in the beauty of Cooper's Green Park. Join in the fun of getting smoke in your eyes while stirring apple butter (the work-fun goes on all weekend). Saturday evening Boogie with a Brat and a Beer (ticketed event). Bring the kids along Sunday for Apple Festival, complete with native drumming, local produce, vendors, homemade soup, pony rides, kids playing violins, and apple butter sales.
  125  Gigi Hoeller Art Gallery
Contact: Gigi Hoeller
Phone: 604.885.6650
Address: 8000 Birch Way, (turn north on Leaning Tree, left on Birch) Halfmoon Bay
Description: Gigi FINGERpaints in two very distinct styles - Images of Beautiful British Columbia and beyond, home and garden portraits as well as contemporary images that create intimate relationships with flowers. Open June - Sept 10am - 5pm or by appointment.
  126  Rivenrock Studio
Contact: Ruth Rodgers
Phone: 778.458.2011
Address: 5472 Hydaway Place, Halfmoon Bay
Description: Ruth Rodgers paints landscapes and figures in a naturalistic and vibrant style in pastel, acrylic, and oil. Ruth is fascinated by the play of natural light, and her works most often feature a memorable but fleeting light effect. She is inspired by scenes from across Canada and around the world, but her goal is to evoke your memories of favourite places and people, as well as to create works that will give you pleasure every day in your home or place of work. Works range from small to large, and suit budgets both modest and grand. Studio open by chance or appointment, but please call ahead.
  127  The Minkfarm Gallery
Contact: Ryan Ainslie
Phone: 604.351.0383
Address: 9222 Sunshine Coast Hwy
Description: Live edge furniture made of domestic wood. Tables, coffee tables & custom furniture.
  128  Homestead Sheepskin
Contact: Jeanne McHeffey
Phone: 604.885.5919
Address: 10054 Wescan Rd. Halfmoon Bay
Description: Specializing in sheepskin slippers for all ages. Special orders also available. Please call ahead if you would like to visit my home studio, or you can see my products on my web site
  129  Joanne Fairley
Phone: 604.375.8669
Address: 5442 Donley Dr. Halfmoon Bay BC
Description: "Guided by intuition the painting process becomes a joyful event" Abstract, non representational acrylic paintings displayed within a "tiny" studio in the woods. Joanne 5442 Donley Dr. Middle Point Area
  130  Willgoose Wood
Contact: Steve Willgoose
Phone: 604.883.2201
Address: 11418 HWY 101 Halfmoon Bay (Middlepoint at the billboards)
Description: Willgoose Wood, builds quality figured maple tables and Natural Wood fireplace mantles. They also sell quality figured wood. All wood is kiln dried or air dried on site, and is from a 60km radius of the Willgoose Wood shop. logs are salvaged from storms, building sites or saved from becoming firewood. Each table built is very carefully handmade by owner Steve Willgoose on the Sunshine Coast.
  131  Metal Mermaid Welding
Contact: Karen Lancey
Phone: 250.217.2067
Address: 11418 HWY 101 Halfmoon Bay (Middlepoint at the billboards) during the Art Crawl
Description: Karen Lancey makes fun Metal Art for the home and garden using new and recycled metal.. Inspired by animals, the ocean and nature one of a kind pieces with an eye to uniqueness, humor and beauty. Mimicking nature in metal.
collapse  6-Garden Bay, Madeira Park, Egmont, Earls Cove
  132  Euspiria Cafe & Gallery
Contact: Brittany Sheppard
Phone: 604.883.0096
Address: 12903 Madeira Park Rd, in downtown Madeira Park
Description: Serving breakfast, Lunch, Fresh baking, Homemade soups & sandwiches with locally roasted organic coffee & teas. Housing walls of local & BC artisans : jewelry, painting, photography, pottery, glassworks & more!
  133  Harbour Gallery
Phone: June 604.883.2807 / Cary 604.670.5836
Address: 12954 Gonzales/Madeira Park Road
Description: Co-op of local artists creating vibrant original art in various mediums. Open July and August daily 11 - 4, Saturdays in June and September, and during special events. Located in the Pender Harbour Cultural Centre.
  134  J Crabb Studio
Contact: Jacqueline Zacharias
Phone: 604.883.2851
Address: 4950 Gonzales Rd, Madeira Park, West Coast Artistry, 12902 Madeira Park Rd during 2018 Art Crawl
Description: For 35 years Jackie’s professional career took her across Canada, the Middle East and Eastern Europe All the while, Jackie dabbled in the arts; bronze sculpture , silk painting and graphics. Finally, in 2010, Jackie ‘retired’ and came home to the Crabb family estate in Madiera Park on the Sunshine Coast. There, she worked with her father, a sculptor and well-known local wood carver towards becoming an artisan; seeking excellence in 10,000 hours.
  135  FibreWorks Studio & Gallery
Contact: Alexis Bach
Phone: 604.883.2380
Address: 12887 Sunshine Coast Hwy (in the yurts), just north of Madeira Park
Description: FibreWorks Gallery and Studio featuring local and guest artists specializing in fibre arts - spinning, weaving, dyeing, basket making, woodworking, papermaking, quilting, textile surface design and more - all in a beautiful 28' yurt!
  136  Flying Anvil Studio & Gallery
Contact: Bruno Pepin
Phone: 604.883.3660
Address: 6013 Garden Bay Road, 1/2 km off Hwy 101 at the Petro Can
Description: Open Year Round. Home of Bruno Pepin's Bells, fabulous forged and fabricated work, wood and multi-media creations. Two showrooms displaying a wide range of fine arts and crafts by many talented Coast artists and artisans. Work includes pottery, textiles, blown and stained glass, jewellery, paintings, prints, cards and much more. Beautiful and practical pieces, delightful and functional art for home and garden.
  137  Jack Gibson Fine Art Creations Ltd.
Contact: Jack Gibson
Phone: 604.883.9010
Address: 5107 Elliot Road
Description: Fine Art, Limited Edition bronze sculpture, figurative and wildlife art relief tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. New!! Marta's jewelry creations with Antonio Vaccari Srl Morano glass from Italy. Hours 11am to 5pm, closed Monday or by appointment.
  138  Motoko's Original Art
Contact: Motoko Baum
Phone: 604.883.9472
Address: 4590 Sinclair Bay Rd, Garden Bay
Description: Home of Motoko's contemporary paintings. Originals, Limited Edition Prints, Art Cards and Gift Items. Experience the ambiance of this beautiful gallery and Motoko's warm welcome. Hours: June & Sept Wed-Sun 11am-tpm. July & Aug, Tue-Sun, 11am-5pm; Oct to May by appointment.
  139  Philippe Sokazo
Phone: 778.858.1593
Website: Painting on canvases, Public Art, sculptures, design
Address: 4311 Orca Road
Description: My expression and experience lead me to share a world of colours made from various shapes to create communication, opening an aesthetic window for my community...
  140  Elizabeth Macdonald
Phone: 604.883.0574
Address: 4257 Johnston Heights Drive, Garden Bay
Description: I am a practicing professional artist for 40 years. Recently retired from Landscape-Garden design and development with a seasonal relationship of making art. I am now painting full-time. My studies have involved architectural/Structural drafting, graphic arts and Fine Art painting. Most of my education and experience has been a self-taught adventurous exploration into creativity. Recently I have explored the theme of garden abstraction using acrylic paint skins made or recycled from the paint pallet. My work can be eclectic but with consolidated themes.
  141  Geopia Gallery and Garden
Contact: Pia Sillem & George Connell
Phone: 604.883.2299
Address: 5474 Jervis Inlet Road, Earls Cove
Description: Pia and George welcome you to their hiltop gallery, to enjoy her wonderfully crafted wood-fired pottery and his original oil paintings. More at Please call ahead
  142  Donna Goulette
Phone: 604.883.0410
Address: 5500 Jervis Inlet Rd
Description: Needle felted miniature dogs with subtle personalities. Custom orders are welcome. With a few pictures, a replica can be made of your best mate.
  143  Earthly Creature Designs and Mar's Metal Art
Contact: Cindy Cantelon Marshall Mar
Phone: 604.883.0041
Address: 5474 Jervis Inlet Rd (GeoPia) during 2018 Art Crawl
Description: Cindy Cantelon and Marshall Mar - Sculpture - silver, pewter, copper. Cindy's "Earthly Creature Design" a collection of lost wax cast silver pewter and copper nature inspired jewelry and small sculpture plus Marshall's copper and driftwood wall sculptures.
  144  Laughing Hummingbird Arts
Contact: Troch Burgoyne
Phone: 604.883.2200
Address: 5379 Cedarridge Road, Earls Cove
Description: Film is not dead. Specializing in traditional film photography and the manipulated silver print using an array of vintage and toy cameras. By appointment.
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